Running Free

This afternoon, we went for a walk around our peaceful new neighborhood with our delightful new neighbor and her younger daughter, who is just Big Sister’s age.  The weather was delicious, sunny but not too warm, and the conversation pleasant.  We left the jogger home and I wore Little Sister in our well-loved Mobywrap carrier while Big Sis walked.  Before long, Little Sis wanted to explore too, so I put her down and let her run with the big girls.  I love watching her run!  At 17 months, she can’t yet get much speed, so her running looks like her walking, but more intense.  She throws her considerable enthusiasm into the small pistons of her legs and they churn furiously, thrusting against the ground, struggling to increase her speed.  She is the picture of delight, exulting in her freedom.  She is becoming faster, and I cannot wait until her body catches up with her desire to move.  Maybe she’ll be a runner like her aunts.

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