Still napping

This afternoon, I felt energized and excited by the things I accomplished in the house while both of the girls slept.  Big Sister didn’t nap much during our wild and crazy summer, and I wasn’t sure she would go back to taking naps now that we’re settled in our new place.  But she has!  The last few days, it has been lovely to settle Little Sis down for her nap, and then spend some time playing with Big Sister before reading to her and having her go to bed too.  And then, as I explained to Big Sis, I have “special Mommy time” to catch up on housework, study the scriptures, write a journal entry, sort through clothes I had stored for the next season, read a book or just enjoy the quiet!  Today I even got to spend special one-on-one time with Little Sister before Big Sis rejoined us.

When Little Sister woke up from her nap, I walked into her room feeling cheerful, and seeing her standing at the side of her crib, beaming up at me, just thrilled me.  My joy at seeing her spilled over into a huge grin.

“Hi!”  I exclaimed.

Seeing my response to her, Little Sister went from cheerful to ecstatic.  I scooped up my wiggley bundle of delight and held her close, telling her how much I love her and how glad I was to see her.  We played happily, then I changed her diaper, gave her a little snack and tried some fall and winter clothes on her.  You know she was in a good mood when little miss “don’t-pull-that-over-my head-or-else” sat on my lap through five or more changes of clothes!  I used her delight in “pretties” to distract her, drawing her attention to the cute details on the various articles of clothing until I could get her into them.  We had so much fun together!

And then, Big Sis came pitter-pattering down the stairs, and seeing her sleepy smile I again felt a thrill of delight and couldn’t restrain a grin.  Again I greeted my precious baby with an eager “Hi!”

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